Артемий Вакхабидзе (tjom_timi4) wrote in sseriga,
Артемий Вакхабидзе

Days Of Opportunities 2006

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литовцы наступают?
Да, 12 компаний из Литвы. Я тоже прифигел...
who's the designer? ;)

i have the problem with abbreviations here.

why some lithuanians companies have UAB thingies while others not? ;)say, removing UAB from the Baltijos vertybiniai popieriai and cutting FMI as well (or add it to Finasta which is also FMI) would make the poster more tidy. and consistent.
and problem with symmetry could have been solved by putting stockholm school of economics in riga (say, in black letters) at the bottom of the second column.
Thanks, but I made it according to the list that was distributed to all the SSE Riganians. To be honest, I do not understand these abbreviations; therefore, I have left those as they had been given to me.
- Do you know the difference between ignorance and indifference?
- No, I don't, and I don't care!

UAB = Uždaroji Akcinė Bendrovė :) JSC, короче :)
Стоило писать либо только названия фирм, либо их организацию везде, а то мелькает то llc, то plc, то aas, но не везде.
Вернулась и решила тут начать комментное бомбометание?;)
Общения с умными людьми не хватает :)
Это я, что ли?:О
Умный или человек? :)